Rick Osbon and Donna

July 31st declared Education Matters Day

Aiken Mayor Rick Osbon surprised Education Matters Founder/Executive Director and host of the Education Matters television/radio broadcasts Donna Moore Wesby with a proclamation declaring July 31st as "Education Matters Day" in Aiken, South Carolina. Mayor Osbon was Donna's guest on the historical 100th episode of … [Read More...]

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Registration Closed — Are You Ready to be Grown? Conference

Education Matters Nonprofit Corporation is blessed to present the 3rd Annual "Are you ready to be grown?" Conference.  This conference promises to be one of the most effective and hard-hitting conferences for middle and high school youth and parents.  And new for this year, sessions for young … [Read More...]


EdMatt launches new Penny-A-Day campaign

Education Matters Nonprofit Corporation is a 501-c3 tax exempt organization.  Our mission is to: 1. Advance the cause of academic excellence and enrichment through the promotion and/or organization of workshops, conferences, seminars, etc. for youth and adults.  2. To disseminate helpful … [Read More...]


The Pathway to College

Apply+for+College+and+USC+Aiken If you are interested in attending college whether you are a high school student or an adult, this presentation may be of help to you.  You may also watch Education Matters Episode 045 in YouTube. … [Read More...]


Senior Citizens, attend college FREE

Did you know most states have laws on the books affording senior citizens the opportunity to attend college for FREE or at a very low cost?  Approximately 60% of accredited degree-granting educational institutions offer tuition waivers for older adults.  Each state provides these opportunities … [Read More...]


Education Matters is a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Org.

Good news from the IRS, yes it's not a joke!  On Friday, June 6, 2014, Education Matters Nonprofit Corporation received notification that the organization is now a 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charity. Contributions to Education Matters are tax deductible under section 170 of the Code effective on … [Read More...]

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EdMatt opens Reading Center

Education Matters believes reading is fundamental and a major key to attaining individual success.  Education Matters opened the first Education Matters Reading and Resource Center on Sept. 2, 2014, at Schofield Middle School, in Aiken, SC. Through the utilization of a reputable, reliable, and … [Read More...]

EdMatt radio broadcast has new home!

UPDATE: The Education Matters radio broadcast has a new home!!!  WNRR Gospel 1380 AM is a brand new gospel station in the Augusta market.  Physically located in the beautiful North Augusta, SC, WNRR Gospel 1380 AM is "The People's Choice" for gospel music, news, and entertainment. Tune in to … [Read More...]

WRDW logo

EdMatt moves to WRDW Channel 12

After broadcasting nearly three years on Aiken Standard Television (ASTV) Channel 95 via Atlantic Broadband, the Education Matters television broadcast has been picked up by local CBS affiliate WRDW Channel 12. The first segment of Education Matters hosted by Donna Moore Wesby aired Sunday, Feb. … [Read More...]


Education Matters to Parents Who Are Involved

By Donna Moore Wesby The following practical advice for parents of elementary school children was written and compiled by Donna Moore Wesby with some contributions from Ms. Rosie Berry, Ms. Peggy Trivelas, and “The Parent Institute” newsletters. Generally, involved parents make the … [Read More...]

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EdMatt study tips

Getting good grades does not just magically happen.  You must sincerely dedicate time and effort into becoming a good student, which then helps you receive good grades.  Practicing effective study tips is a key component to receiving good grades.  Here are just a few tips.  However, make sure your … [Read More...]

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Help your child become a better reader

  When reading to your child, point out patterns that occur across words "Hey! The letter 's' at the end of 'cats' changes the meaning of the word from one cat to more than one cat."  Encourage your child to look for other words with the same pattern. When your child is reading aloud, … [Read More...]


Preparing for College takes effort

Preparation for college is a long journey that does not just begin once a student enters high school.  Developing a mindset where a student has aspirations of attending college is influenced by a number of factors, including home life, one’s educational success at an early age, exposure to advanced … [Read More...]