EdMatt study tips

Getting good grades does not just magically happen.  You must sincerely dedicate time and effort into becoming a good student, which then helps you receive good grades.  Practicing effective study tips is a key component to receiving good grades.  Here are just a few tips.  However, make sure your methodology fits your learning style.

Just do it. Students could probably do better than they realize if they simply study.  Some procrastinate or do not study at all.  Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.

Study in a place without distractions. Distractions such as the television and even the radio will quickly draw us into it and remove us from the studying process as soon as our favorite song or show comes on.  Some students fool themselves into thinking “I study better with music.”  As long as the music is instrumental (i.e. classical or slow jazz), this might be fine.

Re-read notes taken in class.  In order for this tip to work, you must first actually take notes in class.  Effective notetaking can take some time at first to develop the process that works best for you.  In any case, when studying, read through notes several times to reacquaint you with in-class discussions.

Develop practice tests.  Prior to studying, make up practice tests from your notes and the textbook.  Create multiple choice questions, make flash cards, etc.  After you have studied, give yourself the test and check the answers.

Find a study partner.  Oftentimes, having a good and focused study partner can make studying fun as long as you stay on topic.  You can quiz each other and learn in the process.  Talking about the day’s gossip instead of the test material will make this tip ineffective.

Use practice questions and tests in textbooks.  Many textbooks will have practice questions at the end of each chapter and practice tests in the back of the book.

Make up songs or use other tricks to remember difficult information.  Some people retain information perhaps quicker and for longer lengths of time if learned in a song.  Make up songs or use the first letters of key words to help memorize information.

Give yourself ample time to study.  You can’t rush greatness.  Don’t expect to get good grades if you do not sacrifice the time needed to cover all information.

Never study when exhausted.  This will never work.  You will end up reading the same line four times from falling asleep.  It is better to take a power nap or to go ahead and get ample rest and set your alarm clock to wake up and study.

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